Tuesday, 15 January, 2013

GMAT Practice Timer

A very Happy New Year to you all. It has been long since I’ve written a post. Work and GMAT Preparations are keeping me busy. I formally started preparing for GMAT this January. I’ve even scheduled my GMAT test appointment on 24th June. So given the amount of time at hand, I’ve to put in some extra hours on studying for GMAT.
As far as preparation material is concerned, I have started with Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides which I borrowed from a friend. The strategy guides are very good and I started with GMAT Verbal Foundation. I have also registered for the BTG’s (Beat the Gmat) Verbal and Quant Question in mail. So far, I feel that Quant should not create a problem. My verbal is really miserable and I have to work a lot on it.
Here is one piece of help that I can do to you. I realized that while practicing for GMAT, it is very important to keep track of time. GMAT is a timed test. You get approximately 2 minutes to solve a question both on Verbal and Quant sections. When I started this journey, I struggled with keeping track of time in a precise manner. Hence, to help myself, I created this “GMAT Practice Timer” application. If you are interested, I can send you the application by mail (drop your mail id in the comments below, Don’t Worry-Your mail id is safe with me. The comments are moderated and I will not publish your comment if you wish so, just mention the same in comment). A screenshot of the application is shown below.

Enter the number of questions for practice and the time per question (that you want to schedule). Press START to start the timer. (I have put 10 questions for practice with 2 mins per question in the example screenshot below).

As soon as you press START, the start clock time of the test is recorded. After every time interval that you have specified, the number count is increased and a beep sound is played.

When the question count reaches the number of questions (as specified earlier), a message of Test Over is displayed.

Moreover, if you stop the test before finishing the time (due to some reason or the other), you can stop the test and press CONTINUE to re-start the timer from the previous position. You can also restart the test altogether by changing Questions and Time/Question.
Hope you like it and the application is useful for GMAT preparation. Just drop a comment with your mail id. I am working on a couple of more application which may be useful in GMAT practice. This is my way of giving back to the internet (GMAT) community from which I have benefited immensely. I will keep posting the progress of my GMAT preparations. Pardon me if post is not grammatically correct (I’ve just started GMAT verbal) and Stay Connected..!!!